Compact Laser Photon

Compact Laser Photon is the new leader of high-quality compact lasers. With its unique abilities and specialized accessories, it becomes the perfect tool for medical doctors in many fields.

The instrument which adapts to your needs


  • Store your own user name and own set of treatment parameters
  • Easily choose treatment parameters on-screen from the list of indications of your own medical discipline
  • Configure the laser system with accessories such as handpiece holders, etc. according to your preferences


Main Features


  • World's first compact laser with LFD (Levelled Field Density) Mode which limits coagulation to a constant 1 mm for clearly reduced collateral damage
  • Large 10,4 " True Color Touch Panel for easy and intuitive use
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to carry
  • Multi-user system for infinite storage of individual user programs

Interactive assistant program for easy selection of treatment parameters


Main Accessories


Smoke Evacuator Smoke Evacuator