Electromyography : Mega ME6000


Biomonitor ME6000 is based on high precision and reliable data acquisition technology which is well accepted by top level medical professionals and scientists world wide, to measure and monitor the sensitive elctromyography (EMG) signals and other physiological signals up to 16 channels simultaneously. This is an ambulatory unit which includes the unique features of pocket-size data logger and wire less telemetry in a single compact unit.

The ME6000 system is equipped with user friendly Mega Win PC-software to allows accurate and real-time monitoring. Mega Win provides tools for flexible signal processing and versatile data analysis with user defined protocols.

On-line features such as raw signals in real-time with selected channels, averaged curves, numeric values and real-time spectrum analysis bring the ultimate in user features for follow up. The video synchronization option expands the application areas and helps with off-line analysis and data interpretation.

On-line/real time monitoring with high sampling rate in parallel with data download from compact flash memory can be done via wireless connection to PC. Each channel can be modified separately for detecting signals from multiple sensors like ECG, EEG, heart rate, goniometer, accelerometer, torsiometer, inclinometer etc

The integrated compact flash memory capacity allows performing long term measurements outside the laboratory. It can be used for detecting EMG/EP, motoric / sensory , SEP , H-reflexes/F-wave, nerve conduction velocities (NCV).



e-motion R-R



It is the most reliable and convenient way to measure heart rate variability (R-R intervals). eMotion R-R is ideal solution to be used in research, wellness, exercise and in top sports.


Special features only in eMotion R-R:
Sampling frequency of eMotion R-R is 1000 samples per second giving great measurement accuracy of 1ms. Rechargeable battery and large internal memory enables measurements as long as 5 days. Data from the memory is downloaded easily through USB-connection.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to use (single button operation)
  • Comfortable to wear (also during sleep)
  • Long measurement time
  • Accurate measurements
  • Less artefacts than in chest strap measurements
  • Superior conductivity between skin and sensor
  • Easy charging for multiple sensors
  • No need for wrist top computer
  • Unnoticeable during daily life


In eMotion R-R measurement artefacts and interruptions are effectively eliminated with high-end technology and disposable surface electrodes. As there is no need for a strap around the chest,

eMotionR-R overcomes all common problems and disadvantages accociated with chest strap based measurements:

  • Measurement artefacts created by movements of chest strap
  • Measurement artefacts created by drying of the electrode surfaces
  • Discomfort associated in long ambulatory measurements
  • Need to use additional device like wrist-top computer
  • Altered behaviour due to visual feedback of heart rate in research projects


eMotion R-R package options:

1) eMotion SPORTS

  • Optimized training load
  • Better critical training decisions
  • More individualized training in teams
  • Recovery test
  • Advanced reporting tools
  • Efficient fitness testing


2) eMotion HEALTH

  • Physical workload assessment
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyle
  • Stress and recovery analysis
  • Occupational research and design
  • Weight Management


3) eMotion LAB for research purposes include several common time-domain, frequency-domain and nonlinear HRV measures.