Fetus Ultrasound Examination Phantom "SPACE FAN-ST" US-7a

SPACEFAN-ST provides high quality training for second trimester screening in pregnancy. A 23-week fetus is included with detailed anatomies which are essential for the assessment at the period.



  1. SPACEFAN-ST provides high quality training for routine second trimester screening.
  2. The oval shape phantom abdomen can be set in four different positions.
  3. The fetus includes full skeletal structure and key organs.
  4. Come with a didactic DVD and a fetus demonstration
    model for comprehensive trainings.


Training Skills:

  • Fetal size assessment: BPD, AD, AC and FL
  • Measurement of amniotic fluid volume
  • Determination of fetus presentation (cephalic or breech)
  • Assessment of each body part
    -Head: skull and brain
    -Spine and limbs
    -Cardiac chambers, blood vessels and lungs
  • Assessment of umbilical cord and placenta position
  • Determination of sex (This phantom represents a male fetus.)


amniotic fluid, placenta, umbilical cord,
and a 23-weeks fetus (26 cm)
skeletal structure, brain with septum lucidum,
lateral ventricles and cerebellum,
heart with four chambers, lungs, spleen,
kidneys, aorta, UV, UA and the external genital

Manikin size: W40 x D29 x H22cm