Hand and Wrist CPM Machine - Maestra

The redesigned Kinetec Hand and Wrist CPM Machine provides improved features and benefits, including the following

  • A new CPM motion, opposition of the thumb, increases the versatility of the unit
  • Hand control, which operates similarly to the hand controls for the Kinetec knee CPM machines, allowing each motion to be pre-programmed, increasing safety and patient compliance with protocols
  • Two axis concept simplifies right-left change
  • CD ROM which includes: user instructions, surgical techniques, functional Anatomy charts of the hand and much more


Clinical Benefits

  • Allows simultaneous motion of the three phalanges, matching the physiological spiral of flexion and allowing the formation of a true composite fist
  • Versatile and cost effective: accommodates the fingers, thumbs and wrist (either right or left hand; from the smallest to the largest adult)
  • Easily portable for use in the hospital room, therapy department or at home



  • Flexor and extensor tenolysis
  • Aponeurectomies for Dupuytren's disease
  • Metacarpophalangeal arthrolysis
  • Open reduction-internal fixation of intra-articular, diaphyseal, metaphyseal and epiphyseal fractures of the phalanges
  • Prosthetic replacement of the MCP, PIP and DIP joints
  • Rheumatoidal, neurological or post-burn stiffness