Hot Magner

Hot Magner


Hotmagner is a combination of three different modality which offers efficient, controlled, equally spread - Dry Heat by conduction method along with Micro Vibrations to give pleasant message sensation and electrotherapy in term of electro-magnetic induction, it increase in Basal metabolic rate, and blood flow, chemical processes and metabolism promotes the healing, same time collagen tissue is softened, and decrease the pain and spasm. Patients with diseases of locomotorium and circulation are known to respond well to magnetic stimulation and heating increase the NCV, Due to multiple healing modalities, healing is faster.



Effective in the treatment of chronic disease such as lumbago, Stiff shoulder, Bronchitis, treatment of  Lymphedema An  alternating pulsed magnetic field (PRMF) is used to vary the strength and direction of the magnetic flux with a constant  rhythm, in order for the magnetic flux to ct effectively in balance with the body. Magnetic flux alters the electric potential of nerves and cells, providing pain relief effects and healing of injured tissue. A semi Markov series is used to generate a pleasing “1/f fluctuation” biological rhythm, which ensures even more pleasant treatment.

Compact 1-Channel Unit



Number of channel                   :                          1


Temerature Control                 :          40, 50, 60, 65°C 4 Steps


Micro vibration (per second)  :                     50 ~ 120



Deluxe 2-Channel Unit


Number of channel                   :                          2


Temerature Control                  :            35, 43, 50, 60°C 4 Steps


Micro vibration (per second)     :   Ripple 71, Random 127, Big wave 64

Deluxe 4-Channel Unit


Number of channel                   :                          4


Temerature Control                  :            35, 43, 50, 60°C 4 Steps


Micro vibration (per second)     :   Ripple 71, Random 127, Big wave 64