Intermittent Vacuum Negative Pressure



FIELD OF APPLICATION Arterial, venous and lymphatic diseases on the lower body, vascular training and improvement of walking distance

INDICATIONS pAOD, chronical venous insufficience, lymphatic oedemas

  • Eight preset programmes for increase of peripheral perfusion, advancement of venous or lymphatic back flow, wound healing, vascular training. Backrest electrically adjustable by patient remote control.
  • Patented ISO / EN 13485, CE 0535, Class IIa. Comfortable automatic treatment. 
  • Additional benefits due to a wide range of uses and few contraindications.
  • Reduces pain while walking and rest pain. 
  • Advancement in collateral sprouting and wound healing. 
  • Reduces oedemas. Improve of walking distance. 
  • Based on aerospace medicine for manned space mission, angiology, lymphology and sport medicine.
  • Low personnel binding, delegable. No special electric installation (230 Volt).
Arm Neck Shoulder Negative Pressure Therapy


For use in rehabilitation, clinics and departments for physiotherapy, 
orthopedics, sport medicine and for in-plant health management.


  • Passive vascular training
  • Clear improvement  of peripheral blood flow
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Pain relief
  • Regeneration acceleration



  • RSI Syndrom (repetitive strain injury syndrome)
  • CTS (carpal  tunnel syndrome)
  • CRPS (Mb. Sudeck, Complex regional pain syndrome),  Type I + II
  • Epicondylitis
  • Post traum. / post op. swellings
  • Acceleration of wound healing
  • Oedema (e.g. post mamma-ablation)         

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