Laparoscopic Suture Simulator (Assessment System) - MW16



"Real" and "Objective" assessment develops skills for first class surgeons.

Laparoscopic Suture Simulator evaluates skills in laparoscopic intestinal suture, as well as simple skin suture and forceps training. This simulator also provides real experience by using real clinical devices and also life-like softness and anatomy of intestinal wall and skin.


  1. Innovative assessment criteria and quantitative measurement provide objective feedback to trainers.
  2. Trainees' personal skills assessment data can be saved for reviewing and analysis.
  3. True-to-life simulated tissue that provides convincing hands-on experiences.
  4. Real clinical instruments can be used.
  5. A variety of training options
  6. All in one unit is convenient for training.



Training Skills:

  • Laparoscopic intestinal suture
  • Skin suture under direct vision
  • Handling of laparoscopic instruments

Manikin Size:

  • W50 x D110 x H160, 93 kg