2D/3D Motion Analysis - with Kinetics and 2D/3D Kinematics

2D/3D Motion Analysis - with Kinetics and 2D/3D Kinematics

Dynamic Gait and Posture Analysis

Simi Motion is an analysis system for the dynamic, nonin¬vasive diagnosis and monitoring of disorders of the mus¬culoskeletal system. The video-based software system enables a very accurate diagnosis of disorders and the continuous monitoring and documentation of a patient's progress without any side effects for the patient. The software calculates and compares joint angles, accele¬rations, axial symmetries, joint forces and moments. It is possible to synchronize the results from other measu¬ring instruments such as force plates, foot pressure distri¬bution measurement systems and EMG devices with the video-based motion capture.

Gait analysis as an example

Patient data can be compiled quickly and easily. The ac¬cess to the linked videos is available at any time. Due to the fact that the system only has to be calibrated once, examinations can be carried out quickly and simply. The captured videos can afterwards be analyzed with the help of easy-to-use tools. Angles, distances and symmetries can be measured very accurately in freeze frames (2D/3D). Gait cycles, can be examined exactly in the videos. Joint angles, translations, rotations, velocities, accelerations, axial symmetries, joint forces and momen¬tums can be displayed with graphs within each cycle.

Various comparisons, such as pre- and post-operative monitoring, prosthetic and orthotic fittings, can be made very easily, as graphs from different examinations can be overlaid. By this means it is possible to document impro¬vements exactly.

Literature values are available for various parameters of a gait cycle which can be compared with the values mea¬sured for a patient. This means that a faster and easier diagnosis is possible. With the help of these information a suitable treatment ap¬proach can be selected and tailored to the individual needs of the patient. Reports with informative diagrams and linked videos can be generated and exported as automatically and interactive text documents which also can be printed out or emailed.

Identify disorders - Observe healing process - Validate diagnosis.


  • Inverse dynamics/kinematics calculates joint centers, segment orientations as well as joint forces and momentums from the 3D motion and force data
  • Center of gravity
  • Angles and distances can be freely defined (velocities, accerlerations, etc.)
  • Movements can be divided into separate phases as required
  • Automatic display of graph characteristics (min, max, etc.)
  • Simi Motion provides various filters for processing the data, such as root mean square, median and mean fre¬quency as well as automatic and interactive onset and offset determination


  • Video data from DV or high-speed cameras
  • 3D views gained from the motion data (line drawings, skeletal diagrams)
  • Trajectories of points and segment
  • Graphs of the motion data (e.g. coordinates, accelera¬tion, velocity)

Measuring Instruments

Simi Motion allows to synchronizes all external made measureing data with the video pictures from triggered cameras.

  • Force plates from AMTI, Bertec and Kistle
  • EMG device
  • Foot pressure measurement systems from Tekscan


The result is a high-quality static and dynamic analysis in which all required data, such as EMG and pressure dis¬tribution measurements, can be displayed, evaluated and documented synchronously with the video pictures. Simi Motion enables the detailed analysis of movements step by step.

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP
  • Intel-compatible PC with min. 256 MB RAM and FireWire-Interface (IEEE-1394a)Big hard disk for recording of video data
  • Big hard disk for recording of video data
  • Digital video cameras with current interfaces(USB / IEEE-1394 / GigE / C-Link)
Identify disorders - Observe healing process - Validate diagnosis.