The term Ergometry can literally be translated in measurement (metry) of work (ergo). The full definition is as follows:

Measurement of standardized workload (the performance of physical exercise with a certain intensity during a certain time period) in standardized circumstances.

Standardized workload

The workload can be standardized by the choice of the type of exercise. Do you want to use a bicycle ergometer or a treadmill? With the Lode bicycle ergometers, arm-ergometers, imaging-ergometers and treadmills the operator, physician or researcher can rely on the accuracy of the workload produced. The exercise devices should be calibrated regularly to keep this accuracy and to make sure the chosen workload is indeed the workload on the device. A standardized protocol is defined to make comparison (inter- or intra- individual) possible.

Ergometry or Stress testing is done for several purposes, the two general exercise test disciplines are performance exercise testing (PXT) and clinical exercise testing (CXT). The discipline, setting and protocol of the exercise test should be appropriate for the purpose of the test.

Type of exercise devices

Ergometers are used in the laboratory to provide an exercise stimulus in order to examine a subject’s physiological response to that exercise. Different ergometers (leg-, arm-, recumbent- supine- ergometers and treadmills) provide different stimuli, abilities to quantify the workload, and physiological responses to the task-specific exercise. The bicycle (leg upright) and treadmill are the most commonly used ergometers in the clinical exercise testing. Depending on the purpose and setting an exercise device is chosen. In Europe historically the bicycle ergometer is more often used and in the USA the treadmill is more popular. In the pulmonary setting the bicycle ergometer is -because of the precise workload adjustability- the favorite device.

Around 1930 physicians started to use mechanical ergometers to test soldiers. The electro-magnetically ergometer was developed by Mr Lode in 1952. He acquired the patent on the eddy current braking system for dynamometers from messrs. Lanooy and Bonjer. Mechanically braked ergometers are hardly used for exercise tests anymore because of the lower accuracy and the need for calibration before every test subject.

The Lode electro-magnetically bicycle ergometers have the advantage to maintain the desired work rate independent of the pedal frequency in a certain range (Corival and Angio 30-150 rpm; Excalibur Sport 25-180 rpm).

Electrical braking and the feedback loop of the Lode ergometers, which adjusts load inversely to pedal rate, is the most accurate method of determining external power output


The Lode bicycle ergometers and treadmills are not only used in the cardiopulmonary, research and sports medical environments. A special range of ergometers and treadmills is developed for Rehabilitation and Imaging applications. For rehabilitation not only the accuracy and durability is important, but the control of multiple devices and the possibility to compare different tests or training sessions is necessary.

The ergometers used for Imaging need to be stable, convenient and should not disturb the imaging procedure.Because an ergometer and treadmill must be adjustable to the test subjects physical dimensions, also a complete pediatric range is available.

For all applications in the field of Ergometry, Lode produces the most optimal ergometers and treadmills. In the different applications specific options and controlling of the devices are needed.

For Cardio Pulmonary Exercise testing (CPET) connectivity with ECG and Metabolic cards are needed.In Sports Medicine beside these connections the Lode Ergometer Manager is available for all well-known and special protocols, like (multiple) Wingate testing, Pedal Force Measurement, isokinetic, etc.

For the (Cardiac) Rehabilitation the software package Lode (Cardiac) Rehab manager is developed.

On top of all these ergometers treadmills and software connections and packages, Lode provides the Lode Device Manager to check and update the Lode devices and perform service on the complete installed base all over the world.

Lode - the Standard in Ergometry!