High Power Laser

High Power Laser

High Power Laser: LAZR-207 / LAZR-215

Therapeutic lasers represent an important resource for physiotherapy, and their efficacy on tissues becomes a fundamental requirement when choosing between the various machines available on the market. The operator needs to be able to treat both chronic and acute problems, guaranteeing the possible results.

For this reason ITO has introduced a range of emission modes in a single laser, amplifying its efficacy. With a simple setting it is possible to choose between 7 emission modes, each with different benefits and characteristics - a range of possibilities with which to best treat the chronic and acute problems of patients.

RAINBOW DROPS - High Power Infared Laser

RAINBOW DROPS is a high-power infrared laser unit specially designed for physiotherapy and dermatological treatments. The apparatus features three fully independent laser generators that can be operated either individually or in combination in pulsed and continuous mode (658 nm - 808 nm - 1064 nm).

RAINBOW DROPS allows for a variety of therapeutic applications, making it the most versatile laser device on the market:

  • High output power;
  • Continuous and Pulsed mode up to 100,000 Hz;
  • Duty cycle range from 10% to 90%;
  • Possibility to create complex programs by com- bining the point-to-point and scanning methods;
  • Adjustment of sweep frequency and duty cycle;
  • Use of beam expanders for treatment of large areas.

The apparatus provides complex treatment protocols for the most common pathologies and allows for the creation and storage of user-defined programs. The user interface is provided via an advanced colour touch-screen system which makes the unit extremely easy to use. The use of cones allows large areas to be treated (30, 120 cm2) without the presence of the physiotherapist.