Quick Motion Analysis - Aktisys System

Quick Motion Analysis - Aktisys System

Simi Aktisys is the fastest and easiest way for dynamic video motion analysis. Only 3 clicks are necessary for your movement analysis. Beside fast and easy analysis our system offers direct biofeedback based on colored LED-markers.


  • fast and easy dynamic motion analysis
  • biofeedback and live monitoring
  • easy, efficient and economic
  • optimized for clinical applications
  • immediate results


  • gait and running analysis
  • jump analysis
  • bike-fitting
  • adjustment of prosthetics


  • software automatically identifies colore LED-markers on video and live stream
  • use our predefined templates or create you own measurement protocols
  • measure angels, rotations and/distances
  • instant data output on live-stream for biofeedback
  • use high-speed cameras
  • automatic reports

Easy, fast and efficient biofeedback

Simi Aktisys offers trainers, physical therapists or orthopedic doctors quick and precise analysis. Athletes or patients take benefits from the integrated real-time biofeedback which increases self­awareness and success.

Specific therapy

Specific treatment requires biomechanical information and feedback. This allows a successful therapy. Let the patients see their progress. Create your unique methodology and optimize your treatment with technology

Simi Aktisys is developed for the needs of health and sports professionals. It offers full automatic movement analysis for practical requirements of therapists, personal trainers, strength and conditioning specialists, or orthopedics. The user-friendly and automatic design saves time and is highly efficient.

Mobile Motion Simi Aktisys is a compact and portable system, created for different settings and flexible applications of practioners.

Fields of application

  • Physical therapy
  • Orthopedics
  • Personal training
  • Sport performance analysis
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Protocol for gait and running analysis


For trainers or therapists

  • Illustration of a functional motion analysis
  • Motion monitoring with software

For athletes or patients

  • Optimized functional training system
  • Real-time motion feedback
  • Enhanced learning