About Us

BR Biomedical (P) Ltd. was established by professionals with long experience in the marketing and sales of Medical equipments - both in India and around the world. In the last decade of its operations, it has created an enviable niche for itself in the healthcare sector in India. It has evolved as a reliable and trustworthy partner for the Hospitals, Medical, Engineering and Science colleges and Research institutes.

It is headed by Mr. Bhuvnesh K Agarwal, an Engineering graduate from Banaras Hindu University supported by a team of 20 dedicated professionals, with its Head office in Delhi and resident Sales & Service engineers in East (Kolkata) - West (Mumbai) & South (Bengaluru). The goal of the company is to penetrate the Indian healthcare sector with quality products we source from around the world and to render prompt technical support whenever and wherever required.

The company began operating with Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation products. During the initial period of 3 years it sold more than 200 machines throughout the length and breadth of India. From Kashmir in the north to Cochin in the south and from Assam in the East to Mumbai in the west of India. During the subsequent years it added many diverse products in its portfolio from Medical education to Neuro diagnostics and from Histopathology to Functional Neuro rehabilitation.

Customer reviews have established that the company's products do meet their expectations in aesthetic appeal, quality and innovativeness. Repeat orders from customers support our approach and commitment to the customer. We are in a position to maintain uptime capabilities of our equipments with a workforce of dedicated engineers and staff. Our customers are also sure to benefit out of our dedicated approach towards them. Moreover, after sales service has not been a revenue generating center for us, our customers enjoy a rational cost of ownership of the machines we supply. For faster reaction time we have our own resident representatives in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata.

The company believes in the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi with Truthful and Honest dealings as a matter of policy. With this policy at the backbone; the company has established itself firmly in the healthcare sector in India. BR Biomedical believe in total commitment and a very personalized service to the customer. It supports its customers like no one else does.