Prostate and Rectal Simulator

Prostate and Rectal Simulator - MW20

The Prostate and Rectal Simulator includes 9 types of prostates and 4 types of rectums that are easily changeable. The lower torso manikin can be positioned in 3 different ways.


  • Nine types of prostate simulate different scenarios
  • A line connecting the ischial spines (zero station) can be displayed.
  • Four rectum units
  • Training with multiple prostates and rectal cases is concurrent and time efficient
  • Bishop scores from late-stage pregnancy to the beginning of labor (cervical dilation, effacement, consistency and position) can be confirmed.
  • Lateral, supine and prone positioning
  • 3 revolving units with 9 prostates can easily be interchanged.
  • Training Skills

  • Digital-examination of the prostate and rectum
  • Insertion and the use of the anal-scope and the proctoscope