Feces Removable Model

Feces Removable Model LM 068

Feces removal and glycerin enema in the field of nursing and welfare education can be practiced with the same feeling as with a human body.

The trainer can provide exact instructions while observing trainee's technique.
Feces Removal
This model simulates bedridden patients or the aged who are having difficulty eliminating waste by themselves, and removal of simulated feces in the rectum can be practiced by digital insertion.The trainee inserts the attached simulated feces into the intestines and removes it from the anus with proper technique.

Glycerin Enema
A Glycerin Enema can be practiced simulating bedridden or the aged patients who are unable to evacuate the bowels by themselves. Glycerin fluid can be injected. (It is let out from a drainage tube at the side of abdomen.) By opening the abdominal cover, the position of the enemator's end can be confirmed through transparent intestines and this makes possible safe glycerin enema training and guidance