Tube Feeding Simulator

Tube Feeding Simulator (NG,OG and PEG)- MW8

Tube feeding training with anatomical understanding using real liquid food

Tube Feeding Simulator is an effective training tool for caregivers and healthcare professionals to acquire skills of enteral tube nutrition. The manikin has three routes for EN tubes and allows training with real liquid foods.


  • Oral/nasal feeding tube insertion and PEG tube setting are possible.
  • Tube placement can be confirmed by auscultation.
  • The transparent structure allows direct observation of progress and placement of the tube.
  • The manikin can be set at Fowler's position.
  • Real liquid foods (formulas) can be administrated.
  • The tube feeding routes panel and the chest sheet facilitate demonstration and anatomical understanding.
  • The neck is flexible to learn appropriate neck/head positioning