Endo Vascular Evaluator (EVE)

Endo Vascular Evaluator (EVE)

Simulating Vascular Diseases Treatment

The result of 20 years of joint research between engineers and physicians, the Endovascular Evaluator is a tailor made model of human vascular lumen, created with a patented modeling technology using CT/MRI Data. High precision models of the principal vascular structures (Cerebral-Coronary-Hepatic-Renal) were integrated to create EVE. EVE provides a realistic IVR environment simulation experience that will satisfy your necessities for medical training, medical tools evaluation and surgery rehearsal.

Medical Treatments supported by EVE

  • Cerebral Artery Embolism with coil or balloon
  • Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty (PTA) with a balloon or stents
  • Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA)
  • Carotid Artery Stenting (CAS)
  • Transcatheter Hepatic Artery Embolization (THAE)
  • Percutaneous Transluminal Recanalization (PTR)
  • Catheter and Guide Wire Insertion
  • Aortic Stents Grafts

Simulation of a cerebral artery embolism treatment with a coil

All modules of EVE may be exchanged and customized to simulate a diverse range of vascular diseases.

The reverse side of the arteries can be observed using the mirror plate.

Simulation Features

1. Tailor-Made Medical Simulation

The endovascular surgery simulator EVE precisely reconstructs human vascular lumen registered with CT or MRI equipment enabling surgical training, surgery rehearsal, and simulation of real diseases Based on this medical imaging technology we are able to reproduce vascular lumen and disease with high precision using our patented technology. The vascular structure of EVE is composed of 16 readymade modules; each module can be exchanged with Order-Made modules customized to your simulation requirements.

2. Realistic Simulation of vasculature physical Characteristics

Our models are made of a special silicone that recreates the elasticity and friction of human vasculature, simulating the sensation and behavior of catheter manipulation during an endovascular surgery The elasticity coefficient of arteries varies from 1 to 3 MPa, the silicone models are manufactured at 2MPa. Poisson Ratio is reproduced with a maximum error of 5% . The friction coefficient of arteries is of 0.038. The friction is set inside the simulator to 0.042. This parameter may be adjusted by the user changing the concentration of the surfactant circulating inside the simulator.

Light weight for easy transportation (Dry Weight 3.8 Kg)

Light weight for easy transportation (Dry Weight 3.8 Kg) The simulator body is light weight, enabling easy transportation between practice rooms inside a hospital, ideal for Hands-On seminars, exhibitions and much more.

4. Circulatory System with Pressure, Flow and Temperature Simulation

The circulatory system may be adjusted with the fluid control unit to set the simulation parameters, such as temperature, pressure and flow (Example: 40 C,100 mmHg, 5 lpm). Artery pulsation may be simulated using a pulsed flow pump. Blood leakage is simulated if the surgical ports are left open; the fluid will swirl inside the models as blood does in human vasculature, giving the sensation of a real surgery.

5. X-ray Compatible for Enhanced Simulation Quality

Simulation quality may be enhanced by using EVE inside a Fluoroscope, providing compatibility with a wide range of X-Ray imaging techniques. The silicone models of EVE are captured with a high level of detail allowing for practice navigation and catheter Manipulation.

EVE Ready-Made Models

The body of EVE is composed of 16 modules, each one representing a segment of vasculature. All modules are connected using special connectors designed not to interfere with your simulation. This characteristic enables the easy exchange of modules and the assembly of different Ready-Made Models of EVE to fit your simulation requirements. This also enables yhe simulation of a range of diseases in specific segments of vasculature. Each module can be created from CT/MRI data or illustrations depending on your precise requirements. Order-Made models are also available.

Enhanced Simulation Accessories

Enhanced Simulation Accessories
A product line-up to improve your simulation experience

Order-Made Models of Vasculature

We provide customized modules for you, based on your DICOM data of a case study disease, an illustration or check. The complexity of the tailor-made module increases with the precision of the data provided. Independent modules may be manufactured on request, feel free to contact us to design a module that meets your simulation requirements for Technical Training, Medical Equipment and Techniques Evaluation and Surgery Rehearsal.

  • Delivery time and price of Order Made Products will vary depending on their complexity.
  • Some CT/MRI data may not be useful for accurate modeling or may exceed our modeling capabilities.
  • We cannot guarantee exact reproduction of the vasculature of a patient as some sections of vasculature may appear unclear on CT/MRI data.