Biomonitor ME 6000

Biomonitor ME 6000

Biomonitor ME 6000 (designed and manufactured by Mega Electronics) is a portable telemetry and data logger designed to meet the most demanding needs in measurement and monitoring of electromyography (EMG) and other physiological signals up to 16 channels simultaneously. This ambulatory unit includes the unique features of pocket-size data logger and wireless telemetry in a single compact unit. The device has several applications in laboratory environment as well as in varying field conditions.

Physiotherapy - You can use Biomonitor ME6000 to reliably diagnose e.g. low back pain or tension neck. In addition, it is advantageous to utilize the device for targeted training, rehabilitation and relaxation therapy too.

Neurological rehabilitation - ME6000 allows you to objectively evaluate muscle functions. On this account the device is an ideal choice when rehabilitating stroke patients or patients with other neurological injuries. With ME6000 it is easy to accurately define stimulus response as well as conduction velocity. The device is also often being used in gait analysis and in pre/post operative monitoring in knee and hand operations.

Work medicine - With ME6000 you can define work loading during different work tasks as well as define working place ergonomics. By using ME6000 it is easier to select the most ergonomic tool for certain work task as well as give consultation on ergonomics. Moreover, the device makes it possible to diagnose e.g. low back, neck and shoulder problems as well as muscle dysfunction.

Sports physiology - There are several ways of utilizing ME6000 in sports medicine. You can use the unit when testing reaction times, muscle power production, muscle coordination, endurance and activation orders of muscles, just to name a few applications. ME6000 also helps you to conduct functionality tests and ergometry tests. The device is an ideal choice for optimizing the training.

On-line/real time monitoring with high sampling rate up to 10,000 Hz in parallel with data download from compact flash memory can be done via wireless connection (or via USB cable) to PC. Each channel can be modified separately for detecting signals from multiple sensors like ECG, EEG heart rate (HR), goniometer, accelerometer, torsiometer, inclinometer etc.