Lung Sound Auscultation Trainer

Lung Sound Auscultation Trainer "LSAT" Ver.2 - MW28

LSAT is a single-purpose simulator for lung sound auscultation training. Lung sound auscultation is one of the essential steps in chest examination. This skill requires three areas of expertise listening to the sounds of a patient's chest with proper use of the stethoscope. In diagnosis the relations between sounds and auscultation sites play an important role. Trainees learn not only to distinguish the sounds and their location, but to comprehensively understand what they indicate. Cases are recorded from actual patients; sounds are exactly those of real patients. Computer synchronization of all outputs.15 speakers are located in the torso manikin (seven in the anterior, eight in the poste -rior), each speaker playing back sounds distinct to each auscultation area. Speakers are completely synchronized.

The torso rotates on a base, allowing examination of both the front and back as in a real clinical procedure. Cases are carefully selected for ed -ucational purposes based on classification standards of the American Thoracic Society. The explanation windows-including illustrations, chest radiographs and CT images-enhance training.