Electrotherapy & Ultrasound (Combi Therapy)

Electrotherapy & Ultrasound (Combi Therapy)

2/4-Channel Electrotherapy/Ultrasound Combo: EU-921/EU-941

Combination Therapy

Combination therapy can be applied by providing electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy simulta-neously, ensuring very efficient therapy. This combined therapy allows much shorter treatment time compared to succeeded separate applications of ultrasound and electro stimulation.


  • Large 7-inch TFT color touch screen
  • Body diagram & Clinical program
  • Low BNR
  • A striking piano black finish
  • Displays probe contact status on both the probe and main unit
  • Provided with the most common currents
  • 210 free program memories
  • Connectable to the SU-520 / SU-540 new vacuum units (optional).