ICU Beds

ICU Beds

ICU Bed - LE-13 (VIGO 3)

A fully electrical bed designed for intensive care units, offering maximum stability

Thanks to the lateral tilt function, the autoregression function and CPR in segments supporting the back and thighs, the bed offers fast and easy access to most positions used in therapy. LE-13 is X-ray transparent. It may be equipped with several types of elec­tronic control, including a scale. Many options of configuration and a wide range of accessories.

Electric ICU bed - NANO ICU

A versatile hospital bed, using the silver nanotechnology for anti-bacterial protection

The product is equipped with independent control systems. The internal panel enables the patient to adjust the position of the bed. The external panel enables the doctor to regulate the position of the bed, including Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg posi­tions. The bed can be lowered to 40 cm. Thanks to a wide variety of available positions and autoregression (21 cm), Nano works with almost any type of treatment.